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Medals and Awards

Arnold Lunn Medal
Richard Fawkes
Kandahar Champion
Daniel Yule
 Kandahar Lady Champion

Jasmin Taylor 

Kandahar Junior ChAmpion (Men)

Elliot Bennett 

Kandahar Junior Champion (Women)

Zoe Winthrop 

Premier Award

Daniel Yule
Dave Ryding

 FIS Awards

Robert Poth
Zoe Winthrop
Jasmin Taylor
Cara Brown 

Jeannette Riddell Award

Elliott Bennett 

Lotti Warburg Award

Emilia Ackerley 

Training Awards

Seb Ackerley
Zoe Dare
Callum Ross
Isabel Sadler
Oliver Sadler
Sebastian Vanger 

Varley Trophy

Jonathan Hobby 


Badge Upgrades

Diamond K

Chemmy Alcott
Patrick Ortlieb

 Pearl K

Dougie Crawford
Alice Manson

 Alpha K


Racing K

Stephanie Ashton
John Hobby 
Peter Scrivener
Karl Unger 

Gold K

Bill Bourne
Auguste Dijkstra
Floris Dijkstra
William Dunnet
Digby Hopkinson-Woolley
Olivia Jones
Alex Miller
Paul Morris
Charlie Morton
Sam Palmer-Tomkinson
Wilfred Palmer-Tomkinson
Jenna Reid
Virginia Stuart-Taylor 

Silver K

Teddy Chadd
Louise Favre-Gilly
Chris Lowe
James Sjoberg
Olivia Stuart-Taylor

Gold K (Under 18)

Max Pietrzak
Angus Ross
Callum Ross
Isabel Sadler
Oliver Sadler
Sebastian Vanger 


Amanda Jasmin Taylor left turn

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